At the Sharing Smiles Project, we believe it is possible to make the world a better place one smile at a time.  We believe this so much so, that we put it on the cover of the Sharing Smiles Journal. Our Journal is designed to travel person to person helping track acts of kindness in hopes to eventually return to the original Journal Owner to share wonderful stories of how their simple act of kindness positively affected so many others.

One thing that we have come across is that, many times, when planning an act of kindness, it’s easy to overthink.  With the Sharing Smiles Journal, we ask recipients to fill out a basic information page then pass the journal along with an act of kindness.  It can be a random or planned act of kindness really, we are just looking to inspire more kindness in the world and keep the journal moving on it’s mission for making people smile.  In our experience, and I’m guessing yours too, we have learned that sometimes the most thoughtful acts of kindness are the most meaningful and they don’t require a lot of time or money. 

If you are looking for a way to spread some love and kindness in the world, here are 52 ideas for acts of kindness guaranteed to share smiles!

  1. Leave an envelope with enough money for a coffee, or maybe a meal, at a local restaurant or coffee shop.
  2. Make a homemade card telling someone how and why they are so special and leave it for a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, waiter/waitress, teacher…
  3. Order a smiley face pepperoni pizza and have it delivered to someone who you think could use an extra smile.
  4. Surprise someone with a special treat, maybe an inspirational gift, or a copy of your favorite book with a note inside!
  5. Get flowers or a plant for someone and deliver it in person or anonymously.
  6. Cook a meal for someone who is extra busy or going through a hard time.
  7. Do you know a tired parent? Offer to babysit for a couple of hours so they can relax and recharge.
  8. Deliver a care/smile package for those who have tough jobs…military personnel, police officers, garbage men, construction workers, teachers, fire fighters, anyone working to make a difference in the community.
  9. Place the journal and a handwritten note along with a couple of dollars or small gift card in a zip lock bag (to protect it from the weather) then leave it somewhere outdoors (park bench, beach bench, etc.).
  10. Are you a musician, artist, or photographer? Offer your services for an hour at a local hospital, assisted living facility, charity event, or local business.
  11. Gift a Sharing Smiles Journal to someone for their family to start. The naming process is
    especially fun!
  12. Do you live in a snowy area and own a plow, snow blower, or enjoy shoveling? After
    a snowstorm, help someone out by removing their snow.
  13. Do you enjoy yard work? Just to be kind, help someone with fall or spring cleanup. 
    Have little ones in your life?  Involve them….it will go faster and it will be an awesome opportunity to demonstrate the power of giving.
  14. Do you love pets? There are many people that would greatly value a dog walker, pet sitter, or “doggie bag” of goodies as an act of kindness.
  15. Decorate a co-worker’s workspace with positive post-it notes about what a great job they do and how much they are appreciated.
  16. Anonymously pay for someone’s order behind you in line at a drive through or at another table at a restaurant.
  17. Know someone who is working hard to become healthier? Deliver a healthy treat with a note of encouragement.
  18. Deliver ice cream or cold drinks to a crew working outdoors on a hot summer day.
  19. Create a get well soon care package and ask your doctor to pass it along to a patient they think could use some cheer.
  20. Deliver a box of smiley face donuts, cupcakes, or cookies to someone’s office. Looking for a healthier option? The same could be done with a fruit, veggie, and/or nut platter arranged in the shape of a smiley face.
  21. Take the time to teach an interested student a skill that you’ve mastered (cooking, photography, woodworking, etc.).
  22. Deliver breakfast to your local law enforcement office or teacher’s lounge.
  23. Do you have clothing, furniture, or maybe other items that you would love to find a good home for? Ask a pastor if they know of someone who might be in need of that particular object and gift it to them.
  24. Pay for a future patron’s haircut at your barber shop/salon and ask the barber/stylist to pass it onto a lucky recipient. This is fun for you, the recipient, and the stylist!
  25. Was a friend or family member recently diagnosed with a condition requiring a special diet? Create a goody basket of allowable items to help share a smile.
  26. Know a college student? Create an energy basket for finals week with items to help energize and encourage them through their exams!
  27. Deliver a patriotic thank you basket to a Veteran.
  28. Hand out mini flags and/or red, white, and blue flowers on a patriotic holiday.
  29. Know someone who is maybe missing their hometown or state? Send them a hometown care package to help lift their spirts.
  30. Make a welcome package for a new neighbor. If from out of the area, include information about fun things to do around town.
  31. Know someone who has a long road trip coming up maybe they are dreading? Create a car ride snack basket for their drive with notes to read at certain times throughout the drive.
  32. Pay off a stranger’s library fees.
  33. Advance pay at a lemonade stand for the next 10 customers.
  34. Volunteer to water a neighbor’s lawn and/or flowers.
  35. Leave a package of diapers and an encouragement note with your OB to give to a new mom.
  36. Help out at a local charity event in need of volunteers.
  37. Place a jar of pennies near a wishing well or fountain.
  38. Leave goodies on your porch for a delivery driver.
  39. Leave sand toys with a note at a public beach.
  40. Wash someone’s car.
  41. Make a candy gram for a bus driver.
  42. Help connect people when the opportunity arises (borrowing medical equipment, job opportunities, vendors, local business owners, etc.)
  43. Offer to run errands for someone who just had surgery.
  44. Decorate someone’s yard or home to celebrate a major accomplishment (end of a particular treatment, graduation, new job, new home, anniversary, etc.)
  45. Leave a “your day will get better” note with some sort of treat (maybe money for coffee at a nearby coffee shop or bakery) at a local tire place to give to someone who had to deal with a flat tire that day.
  46. Have a friend who might be struggling with an “empty nest” after their children leave home? Drop off a thinking of you care package to show support.
  47. Do a task for a co-worker that you know isn’t their favorite to share a smile for the day.
  48. Deliver Positivity Pumpkins during the fall with an inspirational message on them.
  49. Help an elderly neighbor by offering to take their garbage bins to the curb for them each week when you do yours.
  50. Create a special appreciation gathering for a coach and have each teammate write a special message for them to take with them.
  51. Have a friend who happens to love costumes? Dress them up as Santa and head out together for a day around town in December to share smiles….candy canes are always popular too! (Leprechaun for St. Patrick’s Day and Easter Bunny are also likely to get many smiles)
  52. Gather a group of parents and create positivity post-its to put on every locker in the school.

Know that with your smile, talents and creativity, the possibilities are endless to help brighten the world with kindness. Our prayer is that you realize the power of your smile and we cannot wait to hear more about what you decide to do. To start your own Sharing Smiles Journal, visit www.sharingsmilesproject.com.

Sharing Smiles Project Co-Founder Kylie Gates-Barrett


Co-Founders Mike Barrett and Kylie Gates-Barrett Sharing Smiles Journal Number 1

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