KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS - Sharing Smiles Message #3

KINDNESS IS CONTAGIOUS.  HI, I’m Kylie with the Sharing Smiles Project and my sincere hope is that this Sharing Smiles message will help to lift you up. Our goal is to positively impact you, so you can go out into the world and help positively impact others. 😊

This is Sharing Smiles message #3 which is, Kindness is contagious.

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After going through a world pandemic together, the word contagious is now especially a nasty one no one typically wants to hear.  That is, however; with the exception of when it comes to something as positive as kindness.

When we do an act of kindness, receive an act of kindness, or witness an act of kindness it is indeed contagious; it makes us want to be more kind.  Catching kindness is something even your doctor will recommend because there are positive mental and physical health benefits. It’s the “good” kind of contagious and isn’t it such a relief, after the journey we have all been on, to hear about a “good” kind of contagious?

So, I encourage you to catch it. I believe, so strongly, that we need more attention on the good of the world and spreading kindness is a great remedy for that.  I think that if we get intentional about spreading more kindness, the possibility of lives being positively impacted are endless. One little thing can go such a long way.  Your little act of kindness can help someone find their smile and maybe even help them see the power their smile can bring to the world.

Unfortunately, there are too many people out there today that don’t believe in the power of their smile. Maybe a kindness pandemic is in order.  To all of you out there already doing good, kudos to you!  You truly are an inspiration to me.  Let’s unite and spread this kindness thing as far as we can.  Too often we hear about the bad and not the good.  Too often the enemy wins and quite frankly, I ‘m sick of it.  We’ve all seen the bad wreak havoc, kindness is contagious and can make a difference especially, if we’re in it together.

I believe in the power of a smile, your smile, and KNOW that together, we really can help make a huge difference in the world!  That is what we’re all about at the Sharing Smiles Project. So, TOGETHER, let’s encourage others when we see them struggling.  Let’s give smiles whenever we can. Let’s judge less and most of all, love more.

I sincerely am honored for your time. If you wouldn’t mind, send us picture of you smiling.  I hope to show them in future posts just like this and every photo received will be entered to win a free Sharing Smiles Journal. The Sharing Smiles Project is a labor of love by my husband Mike and I. If you would like to learn more about us, please visit us at

I hope you have a beautiful day, God Bless!

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  • smiles amongst another produces longevity


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