Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when shared.  HI, I’m Kylie with the Sharing Smiles Project and my sincere hope is that this Sharing Smiles message will help to lift you up, ultimately so you can go out into the world and help impact others in the same way. 😊

Sharing Smiles message # 2 is Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when shared!

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Think about it…happiness is the only thing that multiplies when shared!  How beautiful is that?! It really does multiply, and it doesn’t take a lot of hard work or tons of money to make happen. Simple things like a smile, an encouraging word, a note, a hug, maybe a meal are all small things that can help in a major way. 

When we see an opportunity for kindness, I think, we should try to get in the habit of doing it. I believe when we get that urge to do something nice, it's God nudging us. Even those times when maybe it feels a little crazy or inconvenient that we should just trust our intuition, do it, and see what happens.  Who knows, our one simple act could literally change someone’s day. Maybe it will introduce us to someone we are supposed to meet. Maybe we’ll learn something new or help teach something new and not even realize it.  Maybe we’ll never even know, but the act will also lift us up. 

Doing kind things for others definitely does not only help the other person. It feels great and the happiness multiplies in both directions. I loved this message from the first time I ever heard it because it’s true! I actually liked it so much that we put it on page six of the Sharing Smiles Journal; the Journal Introduction page! I love the idea of happiness multiplying!  What more could we ask for?  How happy of a world would it be if less energy was spent on the bad and more on the good? Oh, and as an added bonus, there really is a happiness bystander effect.  People who witness acts of kindness positively benefit as well.

See, I believe in the power of us.  I believe we need more attention on the good of the world and, I think, to be intentional about spreading more happy.  I believe in the power of a smile, your smile, and KNOW that together, we really can help make a huge difference in the world!  So, TOGETHER, let’s encourage others when we see them struggling.  Let’s give smiles whenever we can. Let’s judge less and most of all, love more.

I sincerely am honored for your time. If you wouldn’t mind, send us picture of you smiling.  I hope to show them in future posts just like this and each month every photo received will be entered to win a free Sharing Smiles Journal. The Sharing Smiles Project is a labor of love by my husband Mike and I. If you would like to learn more about us, please visit us at www.sharingsmilesproject.com.

I hope you have a beautiful day, God Bless!

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