FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sharing Smiles Journal?
The Sharing Smiles Project Journal, originates with a family, small group, or individual then is sent into the world through an act of kindness tracking an awesome ripple effect of acts of kindness with the goal of making its way back to the original owners so they can see how their journal impacted others!

This journal has been designed to help spread happiness and joy by sharing smiles through acts of kindness. The concept is simple and easy to pass along: just share an act of kindness with a friend, family member, or complete stranger, and watch this journal come to life!  Once the journal is filled with stories about how 25 acts of kindness have truly made a difference, the journal will return to the original owner providing proof that the world can indeed be changed, one smile at a time. Join us, won’t you?  And let the smiles begin! :)

How does this work?
Great question! Let’s say you start a journal with your family.  You are the Original Journal Owners. You fill out those two pages in the journal. You then do an act of kindness for someone and send the journal along to that person. They will fill out the Journal Entry #1 page then pass it along with an act of kindness. This continues until Person #25.  We ask as their act of kindness that they send the journal back to us (there is a self-addressed envelope tucked in the back just for them).  We then return the journal back to you so you can see the ripple effect of what you started.  We obviously can’t guarantee all journals will make it back, but the mystery of knowing there is something that you started out in the world doing good is fun and exciting!

Instructions are in the journal. 

How does Shipping work?
Our journals are shipped through USPS Media Mail (Book rate) which per USPS takes 2-10 days. (Can take longer during holidays)

Are the journals numbered?
Yes, the journals are numbered. Journal numbers are found on a round sticker on the inside cover. Where possible, please hashtag #sharingsmilesjournal followed by your journal number (i.e. #sharingsmilesjournal17). You can learn more at www.sharingsmilesjornal.com and we would love to connect with you socially and hear about your experience!

Who would these make good gift for? 
Honestly, anyone! There is a section on the Original Journal Owner page that give you the option of releasing the journal in   HONOR   –   MEMORY   –   CELEBRATION of someone or something which makes it extra special! 😊

There are so many wonderful ways this could be done for example. Release a journal in:

HONOR of someone who is currently undergoing a particular treatment.

MEMORY of someone who recently passed as a positive way to honor their legacy.

CELEBRATION of a birthday, graduation, marriage, birth, retirement, anniversary, beginning of the school year (classroom project) etc.

 Do you offer refunds?  Yes, if the journal has not been written in we will offer a 100% refund.  You just need to return the journal to P.O. BOX 460 Grand Blanc, MI 48480 and we will refund your original form of payment.