About Us

Mike & Kylie Sharing Smiles Co-Founders
Hi! Our names are Kylie & Mike. We are so honored to have you here!

We have been happily married since 2014 and live in Grand Blanc, Michigan. Between us, we have five awesome kids ranging 20 years in age, two beautiful granddaughters, and an adorable Cavapoo named Gracie. 

The Sharing Smiles Journal is where it all began and is a true work of our hearts. Once the idea of the Journal came, we knew we had to see this through. We knew that it had the opportunity to positively impact others and that it was, is, a part of our life’s purpose. 
The idea for the Journal was born in March of 2018.  It took us nearly three years to make it happen but, after hundreds of edits, a lot of learning, hard work and diligence we finally launched on December 4, 2020! 

Our mission is to spread happiness and joy by sharing smiles through acts of kindness and we believe in the power of the journal to help positively impact our world one smile at a time.

In fall 2021 we began adding other smile products to our store beginning with handmade smiley face jewelry. We are beyond grateful for all of our customers and sincerely hope you find a smile by shopping with us. 

Speaking of smiles...if you're having trouble finding yours, or know someone else who is, we hope some of our YouTube videos might help.
Last but definitely not least, we are incredibly blessed by many family and friends who gave us love, encouragement and support for this project. We would also like to give a special thank you to our First Smiles Club Members. We are eternally grateful.

Smile - Share - Repeat

Sharing Smiles Project
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